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This a list of maps discussed in the book, The Battle of Shiloh: A Step-by-Step Account of One of the Greatest Battles of the Civil War. Most, but not all, of the book’s chapters contain two maps – one to display the local area currently under chapter discussion, and a second one showing the overall battlefield view at that time, with chapter’s map location highlighted.

Chapter 1 Map – The Road To Shiloh
Chapter 2 Map – The Union Encampment
Chapter 3 Map – The Confederate Approach
Chapter 4 Maps – First Clash
Chapter 5 Maps – Prentiss Reinforces
Chapter 6 Maps – Attack on Prentiss’ Camp
Chapter 7 Maps – The Fighting Spreads East
Chapter 8 Maps – Sherman Attacked
Chapter 9 Maps – Fight at Shiloh Branch
Chapter 10 Maps – McClernand Joins the Battle
Chapter 11 Maps – Collapse of the Union Right
Chapter 12 Maps – The Federals Counterattack
Chapter 13 Maps – Sarah Bell’s Old Cotton Field
Chapter 14 Maps – The Peach Orchard
Chapter 15 Maps – Attack on the Union Left
Chapter 16 Maps – The Hornets Nest
Chapter 17 Maps – Collapse of the Sunken Road Line
Chapter 18 Maps – Surrender at Hell’s Hollow
Chapter 19 Maps – Grant’s Last Line
Chapter 20 Map – Lew Wallace Finally Arrives
Chapter 21 Maps – Buell Advances
Chapter 22 Maps – Confederate Counterattack
Chapter 23 Maps – Grant Attacks
Chapter 24 Maps – Sowell Field
Chapter 25 Maps – Final Attacks and Withdrawal


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