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Below are map links to the photo locations in the book, A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now Photos. Each of the 13 maps corresponds to a separate chapter in the book. You will find a complete discussion of each of the photos in the book itself.

To get the most out of the maps, pay attention to these tips:

Tip#1: Remember that the map markers show the locations where the photographer was standing, which might be many yards, sometimes hundreds of yards, away from the actual photo subject.

Tip#2: Switch between “Map” and “Satellite” views to see different views of the map. Map View works best for town locations. Satellite View does best for locations in the field.

Tip#3: Map markers of the town locations usually offer “street views,” which allow you a 360 degree look at the spot. Simply drag the little man (the orange icon on the left side of the map) onto the photo marker.

Links to Photo Maps for the book, A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now Photos

Chapter 2 Photo Map – Fighting on the First Day
Chapter 3 Photo Map – West Gettysburg
Chapter 4 Photo Map – Central Gettysburg
Chapter 5 Photo Map – South Gettysburg
Chapter 6 Photo Map – Little Round Top
Chapter 7 Photo Map – Devil’s Den
Chapter 8 Photo Map – The Slaughter Pen
Chapter 9 Photo Map – The Peach Orchard & Trostle Farm
Chapter 10 Photo Map – Rose Farm
Chapter 11 Photo Map – Culp’s Hill
Chapter 12 Photo Map – East Cemetery Hill
Chapter 13 Photo Map – Cemetery Ridge
Chapter 14 Photo Map – The Cemeteries


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