Our Fathers at Gettysburg

Our Fathers at Gettysburg

A  Step by Step Description of the Greatest Battle of the American Civil War

Your best Gettysburg touring companion!

Many who have an interest in American history aren’t fortunate enough to be able to visit the Gettysburg Battlefield. Or even if they do visit the field, they’re so inundated with facts, figures, statues, memorial and heroic deeds that they leave the place knowing less about what happened than before they arrived, except that there was a heck of a fight there.

  • Photos of all the major participants.

  •  26 Tour Stops with battle-maps for each stop

  • Troop movements regiment by regiment.

The battle of Gettysburg is not easy to comprehend in a one-day visit, because it wasn’t just one battle; it was a whole series of separate battles – over 20 – fought by different units on different days in different locations around the town. The National Park, catering to the day-trippers who are the majority of its visitors, filters its tour guide down to a convenient 15 or 16 tour stops. Unfortunately, the battle wasn’t fought with tourists in mind, and there are actually a lot of important spots not included on the Park tour guide. This book attempts to remedy that.

The book's Main Tour Map

The book’s Main Tour Map

Battlefield Maps for Each Tour Stop

Over a couple of years, I’ve put together what I call a “visual tour guide” of the battle. It’s the next best thing to being there. It takes you through 26 tour stops that cover all the major battles during that three-day period, including maps and commentary filled with photographs and sketches, many of the latter sketched at the time by witnesses to the battle.



Full Commentary on each Tour Stop, including photos and sketches

If you’ve ever read a book about a battle and felt the book had great commentary, but hard to understand maps, or great maps and commentary but no photos, you’ll really appreciate this tour guide. Commentary, maps and photos of the battle field are all at your fingertips. Best of all, the photos show you exactly where you are in relation to the maps, and exactly what occurred in this location back in July of 1863.

A sample page from the book

A sample page from the book

So whether you don’t plan to visit the battlefield anytime soon and just want information about the battle, or you’d like to bone up on the battle prior to visiting the field, you’ll really appreciate this guide. And if you’re a CivilWarAholic who as read everything thing there is to read about the battle, I think you’ll also find this guide of interest – it’s not like anything you’ve read before.


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