A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now photos with GPS coordinates


A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now Photos with Map Locations and GPS Coordinates

A Gettysburg Photo Tour – front book cover

Come back in time with me as we tour the exact locations on the Gettysburg battlefield where events happened – both momentous and mundane – during the battle that changed American history. We know for sure exactly where certain events happened because we can match the modern-day locations to where the old, period photographs were taken.

The Gettysburg battlefield was unique in the Civil War in that it was both heavily photographed and well preserved, allowing us to follow in the exact footsteps of the original photographers who took photos that they considered the most worthy at that time. Though no photos were taken while the battle was in progress, a large number were taken just a few days later – while Lee’s army was still retreating back to Virginia, and before mothers learned their boys lay dead at a place called Gettysburg.

A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now Photos with Map Locations and GPS Coordinates

A Gettysburg Photo Tour – back book cover

All of the best of the period photos known taken of Gettysburg in the days or month after the battle are included in this book, most with easily followed map locations of where they were taken, and even GPS coordinates. Where no immediate photos were taken of an interesting subject, I’ve included the earliest photo available, sometimes one or two decades after the battle.

Most of the maps in the book are tied to Google online maps, and/or to maps on this website, so you can simply click or type in the map location on your computer or smart phone to find the exact locations of the photos. (Click here to examine the maps and photo locations for each picture discussed in the book).

In all, you’ll find over 100 then & now Gettysburg photos in this book, as well as numerous landscape photos showing modern views of the battlefield. Whether you tour the battlefield from your easy chair, or actually walking the field, I hope and believe you’ll find this book to be an invaluable companion.

This book, A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now Photos with Map Locations and GPS Coordinates, is available from the following location:  Amazon Paperbook and eBook



2 thoughts on “A Gettysburg Photo Tour: Then & Now photos with GPS coordinates

  1. I own this book, and in the Introduction, it refers to a “color version of the paper book” and goes on to say that “the modern photos are all in color.” The only photos in color are on the cover of the book, and the book I purchased appears to be the only paper version available. The black and white modern photos in this book often appear less sharp and detailed than the period photos, which is quite disappointing. Is a color version of this book actually available, and if so, where may it be purchased. I greatly enjoy the book otherwise.

    • Sharon:
      Sorry about the confusion on the color/non-color photos in the above book. Actually, the (modern) photos are in color, but they don’t of course show up in color in the black & white paper book. Initially, I published this book as an ebook, where color shows up fine, and only later published as a paperbook. (I didn’t change the description because I can’t have separate descriptions for the two formats.)

      I haven’t published a color version of the paper book because the extra printing costs bump up the selling price too much, nor has there seemed to be an demand for a color version in the paper format since it’s mainly a guide book. However, I have set up this book as a “Kindle match price”, which means if you have bought the paperbook, you should be able to purchase the ebook for $1.99, where you can view the modern photos in color on a Kindle, tablet or cell phone.

      I do have one color paperbook out, Gettysburg Photos Colorized where I have colorized the period photos, but there are no modern photos in the book, which is what you are asking for. Anyway, it sells for $22.99 in paper format , and $9.99 in ebook format.

      Hope this is of some help.

      Jack Kunkel

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