Gettysburg Battlefield Videos – Day 2

This is a list of battlefield map videos for Gettysburg, covering the fighting on the second day of the battle (Chapters 13 – 22), on July 2, 1863. These brief videos are intended as supplements for the book, Our Fathers at Gettysburg. You might find it helpful to view each just before reading that chapter, and/or again after you’re read the chapter.


Chapter 13: Little Round Top

Chapter 14: Devil’s Den and Houck’s Ridge

Chapter 15: The Wheatfield

Chapter 16: The Peach Orchard

Chapter 17: Emmitsburg Road Fight

Chapter 18: The Valley of Death

Chapter 19: Trostle Farm and Plum Run

Chapter 20: Attack on the Union Center

Chapter 21: Culp’s Hill – July 2nd

Chapter 22: East Cemetery Hill