Antietam Battlefield Maps

This is a list of the maps, and links to their page, discussed in the book, Showdown at Antietam: A Battlefield Tour of America’s Bloodiest Day. (Once you go to the map’s page, click on the map to get a better view of the map).
Tour Stop 1:
1a. Lee’s Deployment

Tour Stop 2:
2a: McClellan’s Deployment
2b:  Twilight Skirmish

Tour Stop 3:
3a:  Hooker’s I Corps Prepares to Assault

Tour Stop 4:
4a: Rickett’s Division Attacks

Tour Stop 5:
5a: Doubleday’s Attack Down Hagerstown Pike

Tour Stop 6:
6a. Hood’s Counterattack
6b: Hood’s Repulse
6c: D.H. Hill Arrives
6d: Greene Seizes Dunker Church Plateau

Tour Stop 7:
7a:  Sumner Advances Into West Woods
7b: McLaw’s Surprise

Tour Stop 8:
8a: Greene Invades West Woods
8b: The Attack of Irwin’s Brigade

Tour Stop 9:
9a: French’s Division Attacks Bloody Lane
9b: The Irish Brigade Tries
9c:  The Federals Take the Lane
9d:  The Union Attack Stalls

Tour Stop 10:
10a: Kingsbury’s Assault on Burnside Bridge
10b: Nagel’s Assault – the 2nd Assault
10c: The 3rd and Final Assault
10d: Snavely’s Ford

Tour Stop 11:
11a: Wilcox’s Division Attacks Toward Sharpsburg
11b: Rodman’s Division Advances Towards Shepherdstown Pike

Tour Stop 12:
12a: A.P. Hill’s Division Slams into Federals’ Left Flank
12b: Federals are Pushed Back to Antietam Creek

Tour Stop 13:
13a: Union and Confederate Positions on Day After the Battle
13b: Botelers Ford

Overview Maps:
OV1: Lee and McClellan’s Maryland Campaign
OV2: Turner’s and Fox’s Gaps
OV3: Crampton’s Gap

Harpers Ferry Map:
HF1: Harpers Ferry Under Seige











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